To the Director of the Revista Argentina de Coloproctología

Dr. Carlos A. Vaccaro


Dear Dr. Vaccaro:

My dad would be 94 years old today. He was a great doctor and, without a doubt, my guide. He practiced his profession in Navarro, my town, with the maximum knowledge, responsibility, good sense and commitment, among so many values that I could list.

In different t situations I know that there are hands that guide...Throughout my professional career I was lucky to have several role models. Today I highlight three teachers Dr. Jorge Font Saravia, Dr. Vicente Dezanzo and Dr. Alfredo Graziano.

I highlight the capacity, commitment, prudence, and generosity with young people who are starting out in the specialty, perseverance...

But above all I emphasize doing things daily, regardless of age or time. They continue doing things; continue studying to always offer a little more. SELFLESSLY! With no other intention than to continue contributing and exalting our beloved Societal Argentina de Coloproctología. They are excellence!!.

Thank you for so many teachings!

I say then to the doctors who dawn in the art of healing, this is the way!!!






Dr. Fernando Bugallo

SACP President

Dr. Jorge Font Saravia (standing, left), Dr. Vicente Dezanzo (standing, right) and Dr. Alfredo Graziano (sitting). Closing dinner of the Argentine Congress of Coloproctology, November, 2023.